Meditation, derived from the Latin word meditatio, means to think or ponder.

Does it feel like you are constantly being hustled?

Are you on crossroads:

  • feeling responsible for having everything under control in your life and the lives of your family?  
  • but also realizing that your strength is fading, and you would simply love to run away…?


Unfulfilled inner needs and outer forces may frequently influence us in a disquieting way; weakening and drawing our eyes inside, keeping us away from the truth and destabilizing our existence. 

And evermore your own demands are rising, as are those of the people around; you are expected to stay calm and sorted, facing the challenges of everyday life in a sovereign way.

How can you change track as reality and ideals drift apart?
How can you stay healthy in a balanced way?

We adhere to the elements of traditional Chinese medicine conceptualized in the idea of ‘nurturing life – Yangsheng’, in which meditation is also deeply rooted.

This form of meditation can strengthen your personal availability. It enables you to focus and develop higher self-confidence through greater inner peace. Through regular practice, mental and spiritual organs and their positive levels, which are embedded within, are unveiled. 

You want to meditate but time is scarce?

Anybody can learn and experience meditation, no matter where they stand. Discover the secret! Meditation is possible in small groups or private meetings hours (1:1). Your path to meditation will take you through exercises in breathing, movement, relaxation, collection and consciousness.  

If you are close by, feel free to visit our small meditation circle which takes place once a week.  

We offer weekend courses for an in-depth meditation experience. Shorter units will be used to ease you into the subject matter in a coherent way. You will thereby learn to grasp the experience as freely as possible. The weekend is a wonderful timeout from your daily routine!